Structurual Osteopathy Valencia

Structural Osteopathy

Go from stiff muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to a balanced and stable body.

Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral Osteopathy

Here are your organs in the focus! Structure and  function of all body parts count!

Craniosacral Osteopathy Valencia

Craniosacral Osteopathy

Suffering night sweats, teeth grinding and a poor night’s sleep? These soft techniques have your body take a deep breath.

Feeling overwhelmed & out of balance in your daily life?

I provide busy moms with treatments in my practice and short & meaningful online tools to stay healthy and have renewed energy.

Allowing ourselves to be regularly supported, treated and supervised by an osteopath can often make a crucial difference in our daily lives. Our day-to-day lives demand a lot from our bodies, and maximum health provides the pivotal advantage to achieve everything we want in the world.  To see our health as the greatest good, to place the focus on ourselves. This not only changes us positively, but also our everyday life and the lives of our children, partners and fellow humans.

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Osteopathy for babies and children

Osteopathy for Babies & Children

Osteopathy for babies and children

Your baby seems a little stiff, overstretched, uneasy, preferring to drink from one side of the  breast rather than from the other? I treat your baby with calm and soft techniques to ground and settle into this world easier and faster.

Osteopathy and women’s health

Osteopathy and Women’s Health

Pregnancy: support with infertility, pregnancy and postpartum support.

Heidi supports you with infertility, to prepare for and throughout a pregnancy and and after giving birth.

Get balanced and aligned within your body with the hands of your Osteopath Expert!

Osteopathy for women's health
Treatments for families