Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Valencia

The game-changer for your personal well-being, for you and for your children.

What can you expect from osteopathy and physiotherapy?

My treatments are hands-on treatments with gentle touch and movements and mobilization of most body parts. I treat you to ease pain, rebalance your body and restore your energy batteries. I offer personalized care for ongoing support!

Reach out today and start getting back into your center in between daily family demands – or best, come in before you even start having any symptoms and make longevity your life-goal!

Structural Osteopathy

Go from stiff muscles to a balanced and stable body. Mobilization and correction of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fasciae.

Osteopathy for Children

Supporting your baby after birth and re-balancing children while growing up. A heartfelt and effective way to help the bodies of our children get grounded and centered.

Visceral Osteopathy

Here your organs are the focus! Structure and function of all body parts. Deals with flexibility (mobility), one’s own rhythm (motility) and the function of the internal organs.

Craniosacral Osteopathy

Suffering night sweats, teeth grinding and a poor night’s sleep? These soft techniques have your body take a deep breath.

What’s therapy like?

Treatments can support you and your family

I know from own experience that therapy makes a huge difference on how I show up in my life, how I move through my days with more ease and how I can support and be there for my two young boys and my husband. Try it – and check out for yourself how magical it can feel to be treated well.

My video explains much more about how I treat and what a treatment session is like.

I help women prepare for pregnancy and support throughout. Let this treatment be your game-changer for a stable and balanced self throughout all stages of having children.

Prioritizing health for women, children and babies

I’m dedicated to transforming lives through therapy, catering not only to women, but especially to babies and children. My mission is clear: to support women’s health and empower our babies to blossom into the strong, intelligent and open-hearted individuals they are destined to become. Fostering longevity – just make sure to make regular treatments a priority!

As well as osteopathy and physiotherapy in my clinic in Valencia, I also offer support online through courses, meditation and workshops.

One Degree to Center: A busy mom’s guide to perfect balance

Order a copy of my new book from Amazon today. It’s available in ebook format in English and German, and also as a paperback in German.

I share how to get back to center within family demands as fast as possible when needed – check it out, I am sure it works for you too.

Osteopathy Physiotherapy Valencia

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Pop-up Meetings & Workshops in Valencia

Fun, easy and sharing of knowledge with each other. Curious? WhatsApp me for more info: +34 648 696 711

From Pain to Balance – Osteopathy Physiotherapy Valencia

Laura Veigl, mom of a two year old daughter.

“I was with my daughter at Heidi’s and was amazed at how empathetic she is with children. She has also helped me a lot. I can highly recommend Heidi’s treatments for the whole family.”

Alejandra Piquer Martinez, mom of two young girls.

“Heidi is a great osteopath! My neck hurt a lot and she knew how to unlock my body with great delicacy. Thank you very much for your help! I recommend it 100%.”