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Balance Needed

Body-Mind-Soul Balance needs specific

Body-Mind-Soul Balance starts with body strength! Get some basic moves to be done anytime and anywhere! For even more support around building up the strength YOUR body needs to be stable and healthy, let me know your specific needs, and I’ll come up with more videos.

Mothers & Women

Let’s retreat together – the more we are centered and grounded within ourselves, the better we can show up for our children, for our partners, for our lives in general!

Embrace Well-being and spend some hours or even a weekend with me and other amazing women! Get on the waiting list to transform yourself together with me:

WhatsApp me +34 648 696 711

Vital Health Supplements

Learn how to step up to improve your health, get healthier again, sustain longevity, and achieve a high, constant energy level for you and your family.

Join me on this bi-weekly Zoom call to discover your alternatives to a stable and better life!


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Why should I sign up for courses and meditations?

Heidi Caltabiano’s courses and meditations are a treasure trove to center you and ease your mind. They include easy and effective ways of re-balancing stress levels, grounding yourselves, and calming your thoughts. Heidi Caltabiano’s courses and meditation techniques can be easily used in your daily lives, be done next to and even together with your children, and are full of practical teachings and insights that can be used every day or during overwhelming situations.

One Degree to Center

A busy mom’s guide to perfect balance

‘One Degree to Center’ is Heidi Caltabiano’s first book dedicated to self-care and wellness. With my work I am empowering mothers to take responsibility for their own health and happiness within yourself and your family. I offer suggestions for your personal next step to improve! Get your energy batteries refilled to the fullest and start implementing charmingly easy to maintain little things into your daily routines that will have a major impact!

Are you also caring for everyone else first and at the end of the day lacking energy and patience? Start prioritizing your needs within your family! Show your children how important self-care and a shared vision of life can be! Get excited to be binge-reading this soon.

One Degree to Center book cover


My priority for you

I love to prioritize my own health and well-being. Why not embrace well-being yourself!
Let’s get you back into your happy self, starting now!

Courses and meditations