Heidi Caltabiano

About Me

I’m a therapist with over 15 years of experience treating and guiding people of all ages into better physical health, mental stability and sensitive life-style changes.

I love to help busy mothers to be more centered.

There are many stressors out there in the world, from our surroundings and within us. All our systems need to be stronger and stronger. The nervous system, digestive system, hormonal system, blood flow, oxygen flow, lymphatic system, and many more, all need to work together FOR us and no longer against us.

I help busy mothers to center first. Because when mom is stable, happy and healthy the whole family will benefit. We need to be centered, calm and relaxed so the storm in the outside world doesn’t overwhelm us. As a highly sensitive mother of two young boys, I especially understand college women, pregnant mothers, mothers with young children, professional mothers.

I am a passionate mom, wife, therapist and writer!

I love to support you with my treatments, guidance online, and help with the proper usage of health supplements. I provide what you need to get and stay balanced and have renewed energy.


2006-2009 Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, Physiotherapy, FH Joanneum Graz

2009/10 Bobath Therapist

2010 Hippotherapist

2011-2017 Degree in Osteopathy, Intern. Academy of Osteopath

2020-2021 Deep Touch Online Master Course Stefan Rieth

2020 Primitive Reflex Integration

2023 Deep Touch Tutor Master Course Stefan Rieth

A note on my therapy methods

The osteopathic services I offer at my clinic do not come with a guarantee of recovery. By starting to care for yourself we can collaborate to find a solution for you that works. Making sure to get regular medical check-ups is important. The treatments I offer are an additional layer of support to prevent disease and focus on health and well-being.

About Heidi Caltabiano